Yes, it really is Fake News you are getting. I have been advocating and creating the alternative for a very long time.


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The Jussie Smollett Fiasco is just the latest hoax to make mainstream news. No one in the mainstream press did their homework.

Worst of all, they knew it wasn’t true, and still ran with it, and this is not the first time this kind of skulduggery has happened.

And are still justifying it by pinning the blame on the Internet.

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We are way beyond “the age of the hoax”, Financial Times where narrative is the problem.

We are — as I have said numerous times on this web site, in An Age of Propaganda.

Stop cribbing from me, and then try to spin and downplay it as you shift the blame away from journalism.

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And, for the record, I am not a scammer. Speak for yourself.

I have written books on this subject.

I have written articles on the problems in journalism.

I went into journalism in order to study it.

And I have devised an alternative to journalism.

Because it is long overdue.

It is not just fake news, but also thieving news with people who steal ideas from others in order to make themselves look smarter, too.

Universities are useless in that they do not want to even hear about better methods of reinventing the profession.

And I know it personally.

Both my first and fourth books go over the problems in excruciatingly-researched detail.

I have spent my entire adult life on this problem, and discuss it here and elsewhere.

We are in a pathetic state of affairs, and it is time to say, time for a new way!

Long overdue.

There is no They, but there is me.

A lifetime spent working on it, and I will continue to work until I get my way.

I am not going away, and I am not going to keep quiet.

Oh, and Financial Times? Keep your eyes on your own paper…