The New York Times is no ally of the people, but antiquated crib note makers never are, either.

The US President has declared the New York Times an “enemy of the people.” He is not wrong, but there more to it than that.

In my latest book, I chronicle just how worthless the New York Times is as a journalistic property. It is crib notes for the shoddily-educated Middle Class in order to let them know what to think about and how to think about them so they do not cause waves at cocktail parties.

The Times is not a friend to the people. It is not an ally, either.

They are but a pawn in a political war between the Left and the Right. Ideologically tolerant they are not. Helpful they are not.

And their business coverage is beyond pathetic with multiple con men being portrayed as Titans of Industry. The worst of the Times’ manipulations came when they uncovered the president’s tax returns — they could have done that decades ago as they were reporting on him, lavishing positive press. That’s not what “friends” do.

Their list of sins is long and severe. I have discussed them at length here and in my first and fourth books. The president may have self-serving reasons for pointing out the obvious, but make no mistake, you are a gullible idiot if you believe you are informed or intelligent for reading it.

I take no sides in a war between the Left and Right. Don’t make up self-serving rules and think I will fall for it, giving away my power and my voice to some poseurs who want things without earning them. That’s not my thing, and don’t expect me to fall for those ruses in the first place…