Quite possibly, one of the worst Toronto Star articles ever written...

Dear lord, what is this piece of garbage doing in here?

Why legal cannabis growers can’t compete with the black market — yet

The article quotes an “expert” who obviously never had to hustle in the real world, and neither did the person who puked out this truly gullible article.

The laughable “conclusion” was that government cannot “keep up” with the blackmarket because the can’t produce the same amount.

How stupid and short-sighted can you be?

I am serious: that is like saying that all Sears Canada had to do was have more product on their shelves and people would have bought more.


I have written about this before months ago as to why the legal market cannot compete with the illegal one.

There is a lot more than just quantity. For one, the blackmarket can undercut the price every time. No tax, either.

Second, the legal sellers have to sell to an older crowd. The blackmarket hooks in kids and teens. They get first crack, and hence, loyalty.

Third, the demographic. The blackmarket grabs in a wider net. The legal market attracts jittery middle class nerds trying to be badass. Government casinos didn’t stop illegal gambling. It just gave pensioners on a fixed income a place to go to gamble a few pennies and then eat at the buffet. High stakes rollers aren’t stopping their games.

Finally, legal sellers just sell weed. The blackmarket sells everything.

The legal and blackmarket are apples to oranges. You cannot compare the two.

It is truly mystifying just how devoid of basic thinking one newspaper can be. No wonder no one reads them and they have to take their soiled underpants up to Ottawa to throw tantrums for pity money.

There is bad journalism, and there is brain dead journalism, and this article is a new low in stupid…