Narrative hyperbole, Canadian-style: the Gerald Butts yarn doesn't hold water.

The columnists are marching lockstep, a huge sign that the story told isn’t the real story.

Both the National Post and the Globe and Mail seem to Gerald Butts — aka General Jeeves the Manservant General — was responsible for Trudeau being Prime Minister. Don’t kid yourselves.

As I have said long before this mess, Canadians love their luxury brand politicians. Mom and/or dad was a politician of note? You will be, too. You can mess up, and people will still vote you, at least in the beginning. Zero-Risk dictates that train of thought.

A Trudeau doesn’t need a Gerald Butts to become a Prime Minister. He has the name. That’s good enough.

Much has been made of Butts’ tenure under premier Dalton McGuinty. Big deal: McGuinty also has the name. That’s good enough.

The press has made it sound as if Butts was a visionary founder of a start-up he made from scratch when what he has is a talent for riding in already-established properties.

And what makes him indispensable or cunning? Bitch-slapping critics on Twitter? Sticking close to the ones in power, never giving them any space or chance to see how they function without him? Meddling and keeping people away? “Virtue-signalling” that hints at deliberate deflection because of the idea that offence is the best defence?

That sounds like a crap marriage to a control freak rather than a strategy guru. That doesn’t take any particular brains or skill.

And for all the gushing, McGuinty had to bail. Trudeau’s first lap around 22 Sussex has been plagued by scandals usually exposed during the second or third lap. This kind of bad publicity and in-fighting is unprecedented in a freshman regime here. What the hell?

Butts failed upwards until he couldn’t deliver the goods, which he never really had to do because his overlords had built-in votes.

This passage from the National Post made me laugh:

In 16 years, I have never had occasion to think he lied to me, so I am obliged to take at face value his statement that he has done nothing wrong, and that he quit as Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary on Monday because he doesn’t want to be a distraction for a government fighting to retain its credibility against the background of the SNC-Lavalin affair.

He didn’t do anything right, either. He knew how to name-coast. The end. Big whoop.

And the Globe headline is even funnier:

Where does Trudeau go without Butts?

Maybe if the little brat had to do his own original thinking for once and not listen to hangers on, perhaps he could actually do the job, but that takes guts, not an entourage, and not cheap props like ugly socks, a selfie stick, or culturally appropriated Bollywood costumes.

We tend to forget how much random factors play into our lives. The zeitgeist and ortgeist often make our good timing seem as if there is something more to it. Keep close to power and often people will think you are a cause for it.  Correlation does not imply causation.

A lot of people will be rattled, nonetheless. The Grits blinked, and that’s bad enough. The cracks have opened enough weak spots to strike, and it is interesting to see how easily people delude themselves — and then psyche themselves out as the rest of the world watches…

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