I guess we are running out of living people to offend us. Let's go after the dead people now.



I always find it strange what people find offensive.

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Johny Cage ripping up a man and then smiling as he says something snarky is just dandy.

He can even do this to his own daughter Cassie Cage.


Arcade mode can be a real psychopath.

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Mind you, it can run in the family, too!

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And how many of us are looking forward to Mortal Kombat 11 this year?

Yay! I can’t wait to plaster my children’s faces on my murderous fantasies!

Let’s just pretend this is just good, clean fun.

But the rage needs an outlet because dealing with problems head-on may require an admission of flaw, and we can’t have that because they may require some effort and work.

So let’s go out and shame someone else!

Hmm, but so many living people might tell us off…

Why don’t we go after dead people!

Like John Wayne.

This old Playboy interview is getting the neo-Victorian blowhards all in a tizzy on the Twitter.

He’s dead; so he can’t tell people to go fuck themselves. A safe choice to nag.

I don’t care what a dead actor spewed in 1971. Not only did I not even exist back then (poor, poor world back then not being blessed with my presence), I do not live in 1971.

I don’t remember what people said to me this morning.

There is human trafficking going on right now. There are homeless children who need a lifeline. People can’t afford to pay their bills or can’t escape an abusive spouse. We have corruption at all levels of government. We have people in power who are neglecting their duties. We have people dropping dead of drug overdoses and the best solution people cling on to is enabling them with injection sites, which is like telling a battered wife or husband to stay with their mate under supervision for stretches of time as they are beaten under someone else’s watch. Oh, gee, what a great solution! Supervised psychic enslavement!

And why dig up your dad’s old Playboys? The entire magazine objectified women as its mandate.

Wayne spewed what was typical at that time the way people spew what is acceptable now, but will be seen as bigoted hate puke fifty years from now.

Societies shift and change. They evolve and grow, or decline and fall.

We tolerate one set of offensive rigged garbage as we choose to look at someone else’s offensive rigged garbage with contempt.

Oh, please.

I never cared for John Wayne as a person. I knew about the interview decades ago, and it is old news. Move on.

Next up, I hear someone on the Twitter will be outraged because of the sexism on the cave walls scribbled by Neanderthals while ignoring their children who tell them their coaches are molesting them.

This is how societies crumble and become inert. It’s the kiss of death.

Or should I say, Fatality?

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