Memo to Macleans: Let's not encourage the naive with university degrees to strive to be minions. It's not cool.



Macleans has an incredibly naive piece about sacrificial lamb Gerald Butts, who was forced to resign because no one in the Liberal Party knows what the fuck they are doing.

The first piece of nincompoopity comes here:

Until the Globe and Mail’s Bob Fife broke this story, Trudeau looked like he was headed for a fairly easy re-election campaign. With the NDP going nowhere, and Andrew Scheer distracted by Maxime Bernier, things looked pretty good for Trudeau. That is much less certain today, after the resignation of Butts, for two reasons.

Uh, no.

That is not correct. Doug Ford’s majority in left-leaning Ontario is showing an ideological shift. This election was no shoo-in for the last year. We had, for the first time in our history, multiple nations start to target us, and when your nation is a mosaic, those winds blow harder and make a greater impact. The discontent was simmering. The only difference now is that the Middle Class now have a legitimate excuse to use as to why they can not vote for a luxury brand name. Canada has been getting its ass wiped in this global game of Go for a very long time.

But it is this passage that reveals a serious case of childlike innocence:

Secondly, the departure of Butts means that Trudeau will not have him by his side, for the first time in his career.

Opponents and critics liked to mock the relationship, calling Gerald Prime Minister Butts, and suggesting he was the marionette pulling the strings of the empty-headed puppet in the big job. Whatever the truth of their relationship, it has worked pretty well. When they started on this project, Trudeau was the third party critic for amateur sport. He now has a worldwide brand. Everybody knows Butts was a key part of that process, the result of many years of planning and plot hatching. Now he is gone, and he will leave a huge hole.

Are you serious?

Are you really that naive?

Justin Trudeau could have worn a rodeo clown outfit as he advocated public displays of flatulence, and be elected prime minister with no trouble. Canada is a nation run by nepotism, not backroom “operative” drudges. That’s a bullshit story. That’s the bait to lure people into doing the dirty work.

Butts reminds me a lot of Roger Ailes — the Fox News Network’s manservant general who everyone thought was irreplaceable, got replaced, and the FNC runs just fine without him. Butts is a manservant to Trudeau the way Don Hewitt was a manservant to 60 Minutes, and he was easily replaced and the vehicle is still on the air.

People with university degrees have to be bamboozled into doing the dirty work for princes — they are lured, primed, groomed, and broken in as they are talked into running on a hamster wheel until they are thrown under a bus. It is not just university “friends”; many women also get hornswoggled into marrying someone with a name and then doing all the heavy lifting as their “investment” has affairs, and gets to feel cunning when the truth is that all you need is a name with some recognition and people will give you things.

Usually Canada flies under the radar and we can have a collective delusion: a folie en masse, if you will. We vote for little princes and princesses, they recruit their well-educated servants who connive as they run around in circles, getting excited that people know they serve someone whose mommy and daddy opened doors, and then no matter how inept they are or badly they screw up, people will make excuses so they don’t have to put any effort or admit flaw, and we can all pretend we are functional. Yay!

We are like the small town everyone ignores. We can fuck up all we want, no one is going to ask the hard questions.

That was the script and had we not gotten the attention of Donald Trump, Trudeau would have sailed to victory for another two terms.

But the little pantywaist got cocky and tweaked the nose of someone who is a maverick and plays be a different set of rules, and then all bets were off. It was a game of dominos: one tile fell, knocking the others ones, and exposing just what kind of doofuses run this little popsicle stand.

That’s all that happened.

Had Canada not have a PM who made a fool out of himself that many times, no one would have cared about SNC-Lavalin, either.

Oh well, you know how it is. What can you do?

The trouble is the other two candidates are just as clueless. We have no Silver Fox option.

Trudeau represented two things the Zero-Risk Middle Class dig: a luxury brand surname that is a “safe” choice, and the average demeanour and intelligence that doesn’t intimidate and gives people the contradictory hope that maybe one day their kids or grandkids would have what it takes to be a PM, too.

In the US, the person who looks like they would be the most fun at a cocktail party gets to be president.

In Canada, we have different rules. We used to go for the silver foxes, but here came a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out a fantasy.

That is turning to be a nightmare.

SNC-Lavalin was the right scandal that came at the perfect time, the way the PM came at the perfect time.

Butts is just collateral damage, and kicking him to the curb isn’t going to change a thing.

It’s the same old game of making people think they are the brightest star in the sky guiding the world to greatness because they are destined to be the secret ones in power in on the joke, when it is just a game of combat with the disposable getting torn to shreds as the joke’s on them…