Political Appropriation: Does any loudmouth schnook have an original idea in 2019? No.

Rightist ideology never sat well with me because it is very rigid, but it encourages intellectual innovation. Leftist ideology never sat well with me because even though it preaches equality, there is something very symbiotic about it: it is always about wanting access to certain things, but not much about bypassing those things to build original things.

Breaking a glass ceiling is good. Making your own castle is even better.

However, nothing beats building your own castle based on your own resources, ingenuity, grit, smarts, visions, materials, and ideas.

If the Left were original creatives, it would be one thing, but they aren’t, and why I don’t align that way.

The US Democrats aren’t very original and what they say is rich. Elizabeth Warren is such a case:

Today, millions and millions and millions of American families are also struggling to survive in a system that has been rigged by the wealthy and the well-connected…

Yes, Ms. Warren, the system is rigged for people such as you to directly benefit from it. You are a politician; so can it. You are the Establishment. You are the Man; so shut the fuck up.

You are co-opting someone else’s message to grab power to take for yourself. Shove off.

And this champagne socialist kick is really a classic case of political plagiarism.

It is 2019. Stop this naked attempt at political appropriation. It is even more offensive than cultural appropriation. You are stealing other people’s ideas. Worse, you are stealing ideas that were proven not to work.

The second you politically appropriate a system, you have signalled that you have no original ideas. You follow a script. You are not capable of originality. You are a leech who takes other people’s work so that you can ride on their coattails.

That is not a visionary. That is a thief who wants all the power, control, and glory, but not have to earn it.

The Left are political appropriators. In 2019, you do not have a single person who has one single original idea? One that comes from seeing the current environment and takes moderns factors in consideration?

You are stealing ideas from Western white men, and then think you’re equal?

You are only equal if you have the gravitas and guts to come up with your own new ideas.

And what are you really saying? That people aren’t equal because they all have to steal from the other side?

I do not steal other people’s ideas. I have my own vision and my own way of seeing the world, and doing things. You can be inspired, but you can also think of new ways to do it. If capitalism is antiquated; so is socialism. They both come from an oppressive era from the same oppressive continent.

When you have parents who shield their children from experiencing the consequences of their failure while allowing corporate interests to bombard them with propaganda about how they are special and don’t need to do anything else but pout fishy faces on Instagram, they will fail, and want a face-saving easy solution that does not involve admitting flaw or having to work.

But the humbling is coming. When you try to avoid paying the piper, the piper merely adds interest to the payment. Pay now and move on, or pay later as you are buried under a mountain of rubble.

It will be interesting to see the implosion that was completely unnecessary. Why we don’t have new schools of thought in this regard is mystifying. For all the talk about being woke and diversity, we have yet to see any evidence for it.

Instead, people keep going to the same poisoned well, and then expect a healthy outcome in the bargain…