Getting back into the swing of things: Yes, this girl is back in town.



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I am almost there!

2018 took everything out of me. It literally was life and death for me — and in a holding pattern.

2019 is starting very differently for me. It has been an enormous adjustment. My filters needed some serious changing, and that’s a ball that is in my court, no one else’s.

It is a strange feeling being derailed, but you can either mope and waste seconds of your life for no good reason, or you can pull yourself out and get back into the swing of things.

I choose the latter.

You can make excuses, or make things happen.

Again, I choose the latter.

And yes, it is a conscious choice. It is easy to whine and wallow and bury yourself in self-pity.

It is your life to waste.

Life is short. I don’t want to waste a second of it.

Chaser will debut this week — and it is not going to be something big, but it i going to be about learning to adjust perceptions with an old murder case.

From there, we will see.

But I also want to introduce lighter elements here.

I am writing a book, but that is a feedback loop, and I am waiting for feedback. It is exciting and I love writing books.

I also love teaching.

I am an artist, and usually, the art comes with teaching. This is the first that it connects to my writing.

But next week, I am moving forward, as things get resolved and reset…