Federal Liberal regime block probe of their sins. Did you expect transparency from the corrupt?

When Jody Wilson-Raybould gave her cryptic statement, it pretty much told the world what happened. There was no question that she set the narrative that broke away with the old Sunny Ways bedtime story, and dropped big hint that anyone with some sort of inside gossip — or general knowledge of how things work on Parliament Hill — could start nosing around.

Ms Wilson-Raybould, just like the Prime Minister, has a nepotistic advantage. And this clash goes back a generation. There is context and a history here. It is easier to decide to stand your ground when you have a family legacy and support than if you are the first in your family to make a name for yourself.

But Canada is a country ruled by nepotism. I don’t care if it is government, media, or industry. In a Zero-Risk Society, people look for the familiar and openly allow themselves to be oppressed and professionally stymied because when it comes down to the wire, they will always pick the label and not test the unknown commodity.

But duelling familial designer labels aside, even the press here in Canada have figured out that this matter is very grave and bad. I am not totally unfamiliar with SNC-Lavalin’s internal gossip there, and I doubt any government connection to this company could possibly be on the up and up. Why were they allowed to acquire Candu in the first place? Why did the government quietly push a law in their omnibus bill to let a company like that get away with criminal activity unscathed?

It doesn’t matter what level of government we are talking about — the narrative is always the same. Organized cabals take advantage of shoddy or nonexistent Canadian laws. An honest citizen becomes a whistleblower and gets blacklisted, shamed, abused, but the government runs interference that benefits the cabal, the police are stymied, the press has a little story to run — but nothing changes. No one goes to jail. The activity doesn’t stop. The whistleblowers are not protected. No law changes. No politician goes to jail. The extent of the rot is always hidden.

And not a single thing changes.

The fact that the Federal Liberals are blocking any probe is a de facto admission of not only guilt, but if someone looks, even more corrupt things are happening.

Where is the transparency? Why not welcome an inquiry or probe?

The answer is obvious, and if the country just had an internal corruption, usually no one here would be marching the streets, and it would blow over in a heartbeat.

But Canada has irked a few foreign interests, who may very well have their own operatives knowing what is happening, anyway. I find it interesting that this whole scandal has come when it has, especially one that proves without a doubt that “Rule of Law” and “Canada” do not belong in the same sentence (because we have child molesters all over coaching and nothing ever changes on a local level, let alone a national one) and of all things, it is the multinational company SNC-Lavalin that triggered this scandal. Usually, that kind of icky thing is safely kept under wraps. If one dirty secret doesn’t do its trick, there are a truckload of others that can be leaked.

I don’t see this problem as going away for the Grits any time soon.

Canada, as I have said before, is getting its ass whipped in this geo-political game of Go. The problem is your luxury brand item is no match for the down and dirty war going on. This regime is in over their heads and setting off every landmine in their wake. They are used to people giving them things, not having (a) earn things, or (b) having things be taken away as they get spat on and not drooled over.

The problem is there is no viable alternative to take the reins. It is truly none of the above. You need someone who thinks differently, acts different, and i an untested commodity who is unpredictable.

The masses will never go for that. You see the irrational howling in the US that a businessman won the presidency instead of a politicians with a luxury brand name. The United States turned into a nation of Sheldon Coopers because of it, making up all sorts of nonsenical bullshit stories to justify their fear of script-debunking.

But that’s a Zero-Risk nation: fearful, timid, and willing dupes who wish to have their freedoms curtailed if that means a mere illusion of protection and safety.

Canada is in the same boat, only more so. It is the reason organized crime flourishes in Canada with no consequence whatsoever.

The problem is the entire planet isn’t Canada, and not every country is a Zero-Risk one.

It is turning out to be a very 2019 so far…