Building antidotes to war games, Part One.






That protest sign looks like the cover of my first book, but just as I had nothing to do with creating that cover, I had nothing to do with the placard.

But the book cover captures the spirit of my book, and I am very fond of it — so much so that I had that image blown up and it is framed and hanging on my wall, although I have people asking me to this day why the anchor has no face.

Ask the illustrator, but honestly, it is appropriate.

But that book was the first of my counter-manuals for not falling for war games, and the biggest game is of course misinformation and propaganda.

So far, I have three manuals and counting. I have two more I would still like to do. Both go to an atomic level of deciphering propaganda.

I do a rough sketch on this website, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

But for me, my focus is on exposing and removing rigs in order to see reality to find the truth.

It takes as much emotional intelligence as it does intellectual intelligence.

For example, if you consistently think people who do not believe what you believe are idiots, the problem isn’t them. It’s your arrogant filters. You are no less vulnerable to propaganda than those you disagree with.

My odyssey is a rewarding one, even when I see the co-opting of concepts I created. I am still going strong, and still have a lot to say about how those lies become news in the first place…