Do people realize they live in anarchy yet?






It is funny how people do not actually see reality.

Look at this passage from the Globe and Mail about French knucklehead Emmanuel Macron:

To regain the political headwinds, Mr. Macron needs to rebuild public confidence in his policy agenda. During his election campaign, he showed that politicians of the centre ground often benefit from having the ability to campaign on optimistic, forward-looking visions on tackling complex, long-term policy challenges such as stagnant living standards and voter disillusionment, and for building public confidence around the solutions to them.

But centrist politicians across much of the world are widely perceived to have failed on their promises, helping give rise to perceptions of a broken political process. Mr. Macron will need to show again how fair, tolerant, inclusive democratic politics can help overcome the challenges that many people are experiencing in a world changing fast in the face of globalization. The stakes are higher than his own political life.

No, that ship has sailed. That old ruse and gambit will no longer work because people have been burned.

The chipper squirrels on the Left have fucked up and badly. When Canada has to crawl and grovel to Donald Trump to help them release their detained citizens in China, you know you don’t have an actual leader.

You have people babbling about quick fixes, and using old models that don’t work.

That’s not leadership.

It is fast-talking hoping the Middle Class don’t actually see nothing is being done, things are out of control, and they are living in anarchy with no servile They in sight.

We have people wearing paper crowns and wanting attention. What we don’t have is a visionary, or an original thinker who is also an active doer.

The perception of the global stage and its reality are two different beasts. The fantasy is that some nagging and Victorian gasping will make everything right. The outrage isn’t doing anything.

None of the solutions work because none take the reality of anarchy into the equations.

People see some phantom They as ready to clean up the mess, but even this delusion is waning. You can’t keep having bland pseudo-centrists making empty promises to bring paradise when they are governing anarchy.

And you cannot govern anarchy because while everyone wants people who do not applaud them to be reined in by order, they themselves want to maintain the freedom that comes from anarchy.

And people don’t want governments. They want apps that clean up messes effortlessly.

They want an Uber that gets rid of ideological opposition and validation of their own ideas.

It is not going to happen. Whoever is popular one year is reviled in the next.

And when things collapse, there will be outrage because people have been miseducated by their own smartphones.

It is anarchy right now, and unless alchemy begins to take root, things will only be going downhill with people wearing paper crowns as they march in the street demanding change from others with nothing to show for it…