When you have a Jealous Generation, learn to appreciate its comedy.







It’s my Christmas today. I am Eastern Orthodox and it is Serbian Christmas.

Христос се роди. Ваистину се роди.

But you already knew that…

Or not.

Perhaps you know how to make Toronto a bad city.

Maybe you know how to make France an angry country.

Maybe you don’t know how to stand up to babble puke mobs on Twitter and think a piece of paper will make your troubles go away.

Or maybe you know that you are doing sketchy things and then having to deny them.

Unlike the other Christmas that ends the year where it is all about showing off and getting things, the one that starts the year isn’t about getting gifts. It is about reflecting on your own self.

But while Western thought is me-centre, it never looks at the core.

Because if it did, it would realize it has a problem: that it is very jealous and the green-eyed monster is out of control. That is the real reason the Left hate Trump. They are jealous.

They are not just jealous of him, but he represents living life to the fullest on his own terms.

But as per Alinsky’s rule #4:

"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

The Left cannot admit flaw or that they themselves are not living up to their own book of rules.

And hence, we got an Age of Propaganda and an neo-Victorian Era.

All used to hide the fact we have jealous people who are just jealous.

They are not moral, intelligent, smart, compassionate.

Just jealous.

People liked the self-indulgent once upon a time when they weren’t so jealous.

They watched shows with characters who said and did outrageous things who made no apologies.

All before the Internet made promises that with no effort, they would be stars.

But for a generation who actually were dumb enough to buy that bullshit story, they never learned to struggle, or understand the importance of failure and self-correction.

Let alone self-reflection.

Or knowing their place.

Sometimes your place is not at the top.

Because life is not a pecking order.

Their jealousy got out of control, and they began to spin their jealousy as morality.

And it is not. It is just a green-eyed monster.

When you realize that everything is a sham because people are jealous of everything and everyone one, you see they are constantly conniving and scheming to find ways of ensuring no one ever gets to live their lives to the fullest.

And it is pure bullshit.

When you are someone who doesn’t get jealous or envious, it is beyond easy to see it.

The only factor is whether you see it as a comedy — which is the way you are supposed to see it — or a tragedy.

After getting pummelled in 2018 like nobody’s business, I could see the comedy, but not feel it.

2019 is a different story.

I can’t stop laughing.

You have jealous politicians. You have jealous CEOs. You have a jealous press. You have an extremely jealous Middle Class.

When you can look at yourself and reflect maturely and not competitively, you can easily live your own life on your own terms.

But when you are always wasting time on jealous games, you can’t see why your ways are the real cause of your own misery.

If I have one wish for the world in 2019, it is for people to own up to their own jealousy, and see it for the farce that it is.

You are not fooling all of the people all of the time. Face it. Face the fact that you have become a petty shit.

And get over yourself.

If I can have a year where I faced ovarian cancer as I was looking after a mother with her own cancer, and come out of it ready to take on the world without becoming conniving or bitter, then what’s your excuse?

How is it that I am not jealous or self-pitying?

If you are going keep comparing yourself to others, start with someone who isn’t jealous, and is having a very good laugh from the heart.

If you can do that, you’ve given yourself the best present you could possibly get.

Merry Christmas..