Propaganda and the Jealous Generation: the Right had their Tea Party. Now the Left have their Pity Party.



I am a Kintsugi artist who has taught it to others, and I have people who send me articles about it. I have done it for years as well as Picassiette. I have a fascination with refurbishing the broken to re-invent to be better and more valuable than it was before.

It is not the way of Western thinking. I am someone who can either land on my feet, swim across the shore dig through, or soar. I owe no one a thing, and I expect nothing from others. They cannot take credit for my successes, nor can they dictate the terms of what I can have and how. I am a rare and true independent free spirit. I create opportunities where there are none, and I can read the signs much quicker than most others I have met.

I am not a jealous person, and I am certain part of that reason is that I was an only child. No competition. No sibling rivalry. No unresolved issues.

Being an only child had another influence on me: it made me hyper-aware of the jealousy of people who felt they should have gotten all of their parents’ attention all of the time. Jealousy is an extreme form of selfishness, and it is something I always found very off-putting. I had all of my mom’s and grandmom’s attention, and yet I can easily share attention, a spotlight, and accept that others can do things better than I can. I have my own specialties and talents, but I am not athletic, for instance, and yet I have never begrudged people who were. I have no interest in cooking, and yet I can marvel at those who are extremely good at it. I don’t go around making up lies that people who cook are losers and athletes are just a bunch of stuck-up jerks.

Why would I?

And yet, there are no shortage of people who hate people who are thinner than they are, richer, or more talented in some significant way.

Get over yourself.

You cannot always win. People who do win should be congratulated, not destroyed. People who win and have different ideological ideas than you are also to be congratulated and not called stupid. Don’t be a petty shit.

But the US is in a very jealous vortex and has been for a very long time where we have two jealous and petty squabbling siblings called Left and Right. They are horrid siblings, a gruesome twosome who hate each other because they are terrified one just might Win Forever and Forever Win.

We see traditional media jealously spinning new media negatively because Baby Brother is now the people’s favourite, but it is not just journalists who are petty and vindictive, it’s politicians, too.


When Barack Obama won two elections for president, he should have been congratulated, and people should have gotten on with their lives because a president’s power over the personal is in fact, very limited. You can’t blame the president for the majority of your personal failings. That’s on you. You cannot memorize a little rule and hope the world is static and never evolves. You do have to think and be resourceful.

But the Right during the Obama regime became very jealous of the Left. The Tea Party was the movement where the ignorant and the jealous were sold a bill of goods that everything would be perfect and paradise if that no-goodnik Barack Obama just went away.

Eventually, that movement fizzled because life still sucked even though Obama was no longer the president.

The Left thought they were so cunning and naturally superior that they honestly thought they would be in power forever, except Hillary Clinton was Jeanie to Donald Trump’s Ferris Bueller, they reacted in the same way: they threw epic temper tantrums because they were not really superior or special at all.

And that tantrum behaved no differently than the Tea Party: except you can call it the Pity Party.


The Pity Party are, in essence, Left-wing hicks and hillbillies of the North. They are not cultured in reality, but in jealousy. That’s their space on the ideological plane. The spin is about morals, but it doesn’t wash. It is all about hissies because Billy is mommy’s favourite, and he gets away with making farting noises.

The problem is the Internet makes the Cycles of Discontent that much faster and that much more fierce. When the empty promises collapse faster than you can swipe a smartphone, people will turn on the Pity Party.

We have one knucklehead of the Pity Party promising to impeach the president as if it was a simple affair. How old is she? Five? And how old are the people buying her bullshit story? Two?

And we have the other knucklehead promising to tax the rick 70%. Yeah, good luck with that, motherfucker. If you are historically illiterate here’s the memo: the rich are rich because they can think. They are not going to fund your goobery. They scram for a new place that will be more than happy to have them. You lose all the money that you will burn in five seconds, and you don’t have a host country who will fund you.

And when the two-year-olds throws fits demanding champagne socialism, and you’ve got negative shit to give them, they’ll gladly take it out on you.

Because this is the Jealous Generation: the ones who thought the Internet would make them Forever Rich, Famous, and Right to rub the noses of everyone else of their self-imagined superiority.

It didn’t happen, and now, let’s all feel sorry for ourselves for having to have a fucking job and earn our keep.

People who are members of the Pity Party elevated the hucksters who fed them a bullshit story how everything would be paradise if they made them billionaires.

And they got burned because they are impossible people with no sensibility.

Jealousy does that to your brain.

But they are falling for the same bullshit again, and like before, they will get burned even worse.

Any asshole who buys what the Pity Party is selling so gloriously earns their comeuppance.

For those of us who are not jealous by nature, we make our way through life on our own as we push through those barriers, and make our own path to paradise without falling for the propagandists and war-mongers who make empty promises to the empty heads who are always looking for shortcuts and the promise they are better than those who create their own worlds in their own ways…