How the Democrats turned into the Pity Party: Wallowing in their 2016 just got more pathetic -- and they still don't get it.

The American Left have turned into a bunch of wallowing and obsessed divas who try to rig the board to their own favour.

Now they introduced a bill to get rid of the electoral college because the morons don’t understand how this whole democracy thing works.

Memo to the Pity Party: Trump would have still beaten your worthless asses because if that is the case, he would have changed his strategy.

He is not stupid like you. He doesn’t have to memorize little rules and make rigs to pretend to win.

That’s your m.o., you dumb motherfuckers. Whiny sore losers who petty and vindictive have no ideology or vision, and it is way of the marketing yourself into oblivion.

The vanity bills are childish and will backfire because when you are stuck in 2016 and it is 2019, your jealous scripts no longer apply to reality. No wonder the Democrats failed to also win the Senate. Their drag and self-pitying narrative will backfire. Barack Obama was at least intelligent and always spun a positive message, but their narrative will sink them and gloriously so in 2020, and they’ll truly have no one else to blame but their selfish and miserable little selves…