Reality Denial at the National Post continues...


A man asks a woman if she would be willing to have sex him if he pays her a million dollars. She says yes. He then asks if she would have sex with him for ten dollars. The offended woman asks, “What do you think I am?” to which the man replied, “We already established what you are. Now we’re just negotiating over the price.”

— Old joke attributed to everyone from George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, and Groucho Marx.


I was reading this unoriginal column in the National Post when this naive passage caught my attention:

Scheer may have overreached in accusing Trudeau of mucking up NAFTA. Ottawa, like the rest of the world, is just trying to get through the Trump years with as little damage as possible, and Scheer’s Tories were noticeably mute on how they’d have handled the situation.

This is typical journalistic obliviousness. Canadian journalists still do not understand what permanent damage USMCA had on our fortunes.

As I have said before, the damage was so great, that it doesn’t matter if the US changes its mind and went back to NAFTA.

How so?

Because Canada capitulated and prostituted away their own sovereign rights in this bargain in a lazy and ignorant bid to make a problem go away. They buckled, and there is absolutely zero excuse for it. Your job as a federal regime is to stand your ground even when the going gets tough. You do not wave a white flag. Look at France — the Second World War happened how long ago?

And their reputation and respect is still smarting. To this day. The UK was bombed nightly during that same war, and yet they didn’t wave a white flag — and that’s why the UK still has gravitas and begrudging global respect that has eluded France ever since.

What Canada did was buckle under shockingly not-so-difficult circumstances. This should have never been a thing. Trump is no excuse. What if you were dealing with a real threat? One that could, you know, order airstrikes or terrorist attacks on us? Or had the clout to throw sanctions at us?

In the scale of difficult leaders, Trump ain’t even in the top one hundred, kids. Grow up, weak and deluded loser snowflakes, because dealing with an abrasive personality is not an actual excuse for being an incompetent coward.

And usually that’s what it takes for a country to buckle. Bombs and starvation. Not nonviolent trade negotiations. Morons. This was pathetic.

Now Canada is paying the price. China is not an ally of the US, and are currently at loggerheads with them, but their contempt for Canada goes beyond calling us chicken:

As a Chinese folk saying goes, "You cannot live the life of a whore and expect a monument to your chastity."

Translation: we know what you really are, Canada. We are just negotiating the price.

There was no positive to the outcome. Not a single one. USMCA sealed this country’s fate.

Cowardice and incompetence is not something you can just explain away, and then keep the lie going. If you are pretending to be a leader, there are certain pretences that you absolutely have to keep up, and Canada didn’t.

And other world leaders aren’t going to be snowed by the snowflakes. A few conniving ruses might placate the jittery and uneducated Middle Class back at home, not the cunning who know how to seize power.

It’s already happening, and trying to sunny spin rot won’t make it go away…