Memo to Journalists: Google and Facebook aren't responsible for your problems. You are.

Here is a headline of a piece of propaganda:

Media layoffs bring heat on Facebook, Google

Here is what it should say:

Journalists throw temper tantrums and blame others for their incompetence.

You want to know why journalism collapsed?

Read this book.


Journalism did not keep up with the times. They were irresponsible. Their damsel-in-distress act is not going to save them.

Isn’t funny that they cannot decide what contrived role they are?

Remember in December when Time painted them as valiant heroes?

And the world ignored it.

Now they are pretending to be victims.

They reported on Kardashians and ignored real abuses in the world. They reported on who got an Oscar nod instead of all the human trafficking going on. They glamourized the Beautiful People who are in bed with the criminal element, and then you wonder why your talents and hard work don’t pull you out of poverty — and then have to nerve to lie how great the economy is doing.

They act as if they are trained to verify information and then just spew partisan opinion.

And then want to force people to use a very bad product.

Facebook and Google liberated citizens by allowing them to find things for themselves and express things for themselves. Their whining is like a mobster whining because he can’t shake down people in a city because they have found a way to bypass him.

If any profession needed an invention and psychological intervention to deal with their toxic delusions, it’s journalism…