"Tech monopolies" didn't kill journalism. It killed itself.




You have to be way of ignorant politicians who pander:

Tech monopolies are killing journalism, Ocasio-Cortez says

What evidence is there to support this garbage statement?

None. Journalism was already in decline prior to the mainstream introduction of the Internet.

But don’t let facts get in the way of political skulduggery.

Circulation was in decline as were ratings. A lot of things killed journalism, but Big Tech did not. If journalism survived radio and television, it could have survived the Internet.

What happened was (a) people were liberated by being allowed to bypass traditional journalism, and (b) journalism didn’t reinvent itself to be relevant in a modern age.

“Tech monopolies” is a myth. It is a big, scary monster conjured to try to frighten people into votes.

And it is a manipulative and tyrannical political hack used to try to woo journalists who lost their clout — it is as if some older person is writing this script — and most likely is.

Journalism should have explored the Internet and experimented with it. It chose to pretend it wasn’t important.

But it is a way for people to have an outlet, and not just with journalism.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to have a TV show, you had to have an agent, and then make it through the national broadcasting food chain where competition is fierce. Your career would not last too long, either.

Then came cable television, and with it, more shows, but still inaccessible to the majority of creative talent.

Then came Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and then more talent had a chance to break through.

Now we have something called Stareable.

If you want to have a show and access to an audience, there is a venue for you.

You have to keep changing. You have to progress, evolve, grow, learn, and accept that lines in the sand aren’t static.

Journalism died because it took the rigs that kept it in place as gospel truth and they weren’t.

The Internet could have transformed journalism into something far more useful and exciting for humanity.

But the profession opted to treat it as an enemy.

My book chronicles the downfall of journalism — and what an alternative needs to flourish.

Because you can either make excuses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez always does, or you can make things happen and work for you.

Alexandra Kitty does not believe in excuses. There are always obstacles, problems, and what have you.

I had a mother with cancer in 2018 I had to look after while I had cancer at the same time. Guess what?

That didn’t stop me. I got cured, and I pushed through despite everything that would have crushed the spirit and soul of other people.

I wrote everyday. I wrote on the day of my surgery, and if I had computer access from the hospital bed, I would have wrote there, too.

I got my teaching certification from Harvard. I got another book deal. I resolved a lot of things.

I didn’t blame Big Tech. That’s for people who are just looking for excuses for failure.

And failure is not an option.

When you have a defeatist mindset, you lose because you don’t really want to win. You want to wallow and then guilt and shame others into working for you. Nice try.

I am not going to be your personal servant.

Journalism is throwing fits because people realized they have no use for them, and they are right.

I believe in innovation, invention, and creating exciting new things that are future-focussed.

I respect the past, but I embrace the future.

If you are truly capable, you make obstacles work for you. There is never any excuse, only puzzles to solve and triumph.

That’s the beauty of life.

It truly is what you make it…