Journalism's Covington Fiasco: They know they screwed up. And they are still in denial. But I called it out before.




That book is an inconvenient truth.

It scares book journalists and those on the Left right out of their wits.

It is not as if I give the Right a free pass. I wrote OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, and my latest book goes into detail about partisan outlets on the Right. I am not on the Left or Right. I am a Radical Centrist, meaning you are not going to manipulate me to join your little clubhouse as some sort of true believer.

That requires scripts and passivity, and that is not who I am.

But journalists pick sides and then pretend they don’t. That makes them inauthentic, and then they waste time and energy trying to prove lie after lie about how they are important and always perfect, which is honestly, a stupid thing that destroyed their profession.

And when evidence of their manipulative gaslighting is exposed, they spend time trying to spin yet another manipulative piece trying to save their worthless asses.

The Atlantic is one of the worst offenders. It is pure garbage, and their attempt at spinning Covington is no different:

The Media Botched the Covington Catholic Story

And the damage to their credibility will be lasting.

Oh, you more than just botched it.

You created the non-story.

There was no story there in the first place.

What you had was two attention-seekers get free press at a canned spectacle. This wasn’t news, but it was filler that the press could pretend was news.

As usual, reporters picked sides and them went into overdrive with some melodramatic narrative ganging up on some high school ditz in a red baseball cap doing what teenaged boys do: think they know everything and then smirk their way through life.

Yeah, how brave of you. Time magazine needs to put you intrepid souls on their cover again.

And then the press demonized a teenager who committed no crime and deified a man base don his skin colour without verifying anything about him, and employing that cloying Native American stereotype that is patronizing and dehumanizing pretending it’s the opposite.

And then in a world of social media where everyone can put out information, journalists got busted.

Idiots: you could pull that garbage off when people had no access to a global audience, the way you did to Serbs during the Civil War. You could plaster Serbian mass graves and then accuse them of slaughtering the other side.

From their graves? Are Serbs some sort of ghosts with machine guns?

Covington blew up in the news media’s faces, and it was a serious explosion.

And entirely avoidable. If the press was as perfect as they always claim to be, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

The article still doesn’t get it. It paints the New York Times as being something other than a propaganda rag for limousine liberals.

You are not fooling anyone except yourselves.

You damaged your credibility long before Covington.

As I keep mentioning this morning, I have three books that document how you have already done it — the how and the why…