Axios whines about 1000 reporters losing their jobs in one day. It is more than just an responsive business model. It is an industry that refuses to change to reflect reality.

Axios is a useless publication.

Here is a stupid article they puked out:

More than 1,000 media jobs lost in one day

So what? When everyone is reporting on the same things using the same narrative, why do you need those redundant 1000 people?

When people can bypass the filtering of a gate-keeper and say their piece on social media, why do you need those 1000 people?

When you do not report on important relevant matters in an empirical way to provide usable facts that a public and academics can use, why do you need those 1000 people?

When you are nothing more than celebrity-drooling, political partisans who are no different than an average citizen doing the same on the Troll Scroll, why do you need those 1000 people?

You don’t.

Read my book.

It spells it out in black and white, and the cover is red all over.


And don’t be stupid: Europe’s archaic ways are not going to save their journalism because (a) they have the same problems, and (b) their media outlets have lost credibility with two major newsmagazines having reporters who flat-out lied in dozens of articles, causing two scandals that a tax will not help because if there are two bad reporters, there are far more.

Read my other book.


That’s the reason journalism collapsed.

Your industry is corrupt.

And you couldn’t afford to be that corrupt.

You need to replace journalism because it couldn’t be saved.

You whine and wallow, trying to emotionally manipulate and frighten people into trusting you.

That ship has sailed a long time ago.

And whenever someone points out why you collapse, you get uppity, either ghosting and dodging the facts, or coming up with flippant putdowns hoping to discredit critics.

So 1000 unresponsive people are facing the consequences of that collective temper tantrum.

That is the inevitable conclusion to a rotten industry’s arrogant attitude.

Deal with it.