Toronto Star in denial about obvious recession...the Reality Deniers strike again.

It seems that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t campaigning against anyone except Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario.

I find Jive Turkey’s fear of Ford to be utterly fascinating.


The Grits, contrary to trash talk, are more worried about Jagmeet Singh than they let on.

But Ford is the true spoiler to the Liberal plans. They fear him because he is uninhibited and unpredictable. They may paint him as some sort of rube oaf, but he isn’t. He took advantage of the Patrick Brown Circus, barrelled over Caroline Mulroney and Christine Elliott, and not only won the leadership race, he won a majority in the Ontario election, and then pushed through whatever he wanted, upstaging and outfoxing the Left who seem to think they own and control the government as their divine right.

This does not bode well for the federal Grits — they are elitist and arrogant, honestly believing they are smarter and more cunning because their daddies got them their jobs.

But the Star — the propaganda arm of the federal Liberal machine — is trying to lie outright by denying this whole recession thing won’t happen and that Ford is “blowing smoke”. His background is in running a business, and he knows the signs. Others are also pointing out that are there, and this time, the US isn’t having one.

But we are already in recession. People have too much debt, and that is evidence that we were in one all along, but covered it up through borrowing money we don’t have, making things worse in the long run.

Postponing the inevitable is not an economic strategy.

But the Star has a vested interest in all of this ridiculous spinning. If the Tories take over, goodbye to the newspaper slush fund. It’s gone. The Star, which has been using its own product to openly and relentlessly lobby the feds for money in lieu of improving their product, has a horse invested in this race.

Meaning their conflict of interest is blaring. This is a cardinal sin that makes their product utterly useless.

What this means is simple: you cannot trust the Star. Every assessment is suspect and self-serving. That means you also have no barometer of measuring anything positive or negative. When you have spin and propaganda, you truly have no way of knowing who or what to believe. You cannot just dismiss criticism as a knee-jerk reaction, but you cannot believe it, either.

These kind of games infect an information stream, and it is not a minor problem. We are in a recession. When you have too many people who are $200 away from insolvency, you have a crisis. A

And with oblivious people demanding Basic Income when that in itself can trigger a depression, you have no sensible electorate: just a childish and greedy one. A Zero-Risk Society in an neo-Victorian Age of Propaganda? Temper tantrums and death threats on the Troll Scroll as if you can have an ounce of respect for tyrannical and uninformed slacker divas who morally masturbate and issue royal decrees.

The Gimme-Gimme mantra comes from the super-rich to the super-poor with not a single one bothering to mention what active things they are doing to help society. Everyone is just sitting around with their wish lists, thinking some They owe them something.

And then flat-out lie in order to justify their tantrums.

The Star hasn’t made the changes to justify getting a dime from Canadians. People exercised their free will, and then they used the Federal Regime to steal money and then work as a propaganda arm of their sugar-daddy.

That is not democracy.

That is the definition of tyranny.

And that is a serious problem for a country already stumbling around in the dark moving in the wrong direction…