To the ditzes of the National Post: You can't solve your own stupidity. Your "solution" to Canada's spat with Saudi Arabia is just...moronic.

I would the simplistic and fragmented world of the National Post: no man is a rapist, and no woman ever tells the truth.

But when it comes to their political solutions to big problems, heaven help us all.

Like this piece of childish tripe:

How Canada can really hurt Saudi Arabia (Hint: export our oil)

Shutting down Canadian oil does not reduce global oil consumption — it only increases the Saudis' market share

Go ahead, and the Saudis just flood the market and give it away. For pennies. That will do wonders for our oil industry, wouldn’t it?

Think, dummy. The Saudis have nothing to fear from Canada.

And you are stuck on the same planet as people who do not like you. This petty and vindictive nonsense is puerile. The Saudis have a staple the world currently cannot live without. That includes you.

Instead of looking for ways to tweak the noses of other countries, we would be better off using our brains and understanding that the point of a government is to govern. Not to swagger like a hick buffoon.

Because unfortunately, we have a jive turkey buffoon as Prime Minister. The elitist prime minister trying to pass off the Tories as being “elites” is jut plain stupid.

He wants to use political propaganda to ignore that fuckery his brand of petty and vindictive nose-tweaking his regime has cost this country in the last year alone. Let’s pretend we didn’t get screwed over with USMCA, by the Saudis, and by China. Now, there’s a hat trick.

And to egg on the arrogance by deluding people that Canada has cards to play? We don’t.

Do you know why Canada is knee-deep in cow shit?

Because we have morons who want to retaliate and settle petty scores instead of think, plan, and get right down to business as they keep an eye to the bottom line and the future.

You start a petty spat, you hurt no one but yourself. You come off as some snot-nosed five year-old who keeps death grudges because baby sister got one more jelly bean than you did.

Grow up, children. This isn’t WWE where you cheer and boo on cue. We are losing liberties and have a pseudo-leadership who is telling their members to sweep it under the rug and pretend as if it hasn’t happened.

Because Canada doesn’t have a history of going up against veterans alone. Saudi Arabia is no pushover.

Logic, my friends. No narrative fantasy of Reality Deniers. A solid education in mathematics would have developed that part of the brain for you. You really got to get yourselves beyond Piaget’s Stage Two.

Seriously. This is why journalism collapsed. No logic, and no sense priorities, strategy, or reality…