Gannett in the crosshairs of Asset-Squeezers. When the vultures come in, the body is already cold to the touch.

For all the Trump hysteria, journalism is still dead. Gannett is in the crosshairs of asset-squeezers, and that is the sign that there is nowhere to go but down…about six feet.

Gannett has been slashing jobs for years. Journalism is incestuous by nature, and very isolationist, and that the numbers in the business keep dwindling reinforces their dysfunctional narcissism and cult-like delusions that they are martyrs and superior to those they report to and those they are covering.

This situation was entirely avoidable. When you are arrogant, conniving, and ignorant at the same time, certain realities do not compute. Stenographers are not saviours.

The profession doesn’t get it, and that they are now being taken over by companies who have no media experience says it all. The ship has sailed, but expect more wallow puking in the weeks ahead…