Rigs, Rules, Roles, and Rotes: The Mechanics of the Sucker Circus.




How do you get idiots running on a hamster wheel?

There is one way to do it with a stick and a paper crown.

Find a group of people. It doesn’t matter if the group is a family, friends, coworkers, or random strangers. Draw an arbitrary dividing line separating one person from the rest of the group, stick a paper crown on their head, then use the stick to point at the pigeon, and say, “I decree it so!”

You have torn the group apart for life. The pigeon with the meaningless paper crown thinks they are special as they spend the rest of their life trying to climb up running on one hamster wheel, and the jealous rejects will scheme and plot on another hamster wheel.

What you have done is pathetically simple: you placed a rig in the dynamic. No one could alter the outcome. You brought the props, used them the way you wanted, divided the group by your desires, and made up the rule that whoever wears a paper crown is separated by a line in the sand, wears a crown, and has your seal of approval.

Your rig comes with rules to follow, and once those rules are followed, people become chained to them, and the group will turn on those who defy the rules, as nonsensical, illogical, and abnormal as they are.

Your rules have confined and fixed roles: the Chosen One and the other ones. People will now forever try to scheme for a paper crown and waste their lives fantasizing about it.

With the roles, come the rote behaviours that people will dutifully follow, without question and become upset should someone question the stick and the paper crown.

These are the four mechanics of a Sucker Circus. If you want to destroy the hamster wheel, you have to identify the rotes (i.e. unbending routines you are supposed to cultishly follow), then challenge the roles, turn over the rules, and then expose and destroy the rigs.

Indoctrinating education that confines thought stresses the 3Rs and their memorization. Liberating education expands the mind and heart teaches the 4Rs.

If you want to be a follower, just keep doing what you are doing. You can pretend to be a rebel, but Spy magazine had your number and called it out in March of 1992.

If you truly want to be an individual who practices freedom, you need to rebel against the aimless spinning of the Sucker Circus.

A genuine rebel doesn’t take sides on the Left or Right or even Centre. To be a genuine radical means to keep turning over rigs, rules, roles, and rotes.

Journalism never had the ovaries to do it. They are shallow and never dig (thirty miles wide, one inch deep, kids — they actually admit it), meaning they keep falling for the old stick and paper crown trick.

It is no different than the game of Find the Lady.


She is never on the table. It is but a mere feint and ruse. Once the cards are down, she vanishes.

But you’d swear you could find her and pick her up.

This is how misaligned your perceptions are with reality.

Rebel, radical, reality, research — they other 4Rs true education instills.

Utopian scholarship isn’t something you hear about, it is what I have been conducting experiments on for a very long while.

That’s why the lady isn’t lying on a table not facing you.

Once you understand that Truth, you can start perceiving your surroundings in a better, kinder way.

But not if you keep yourself back because a grifter hoodwinked you into thinking the stick and paper crown meant anything at all…