Know your propaganda! Part Four: Sink or swim fallacies are the manipulative abuser's choice to terrorize.


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Fear-mongering is a propagandist’s way of trying to manipulate your biological drives to get his own way. It is binary, and he hopes you are even less intelligent than he is.

A lot of people use the Sink or Swim logical fallacy. It is a loaded argument: you’re either with us or against us!

No, I am neither with you because I am not a follower, nor against you because I’d have to have respect for you and you haven’t earned it with your bullying and scary stories.

There is always more than two choices. Sink or swim? You can float. On your back or on a boat, you idiot.

A creative visionary has the ability to see the entire landscape, see the chords of time, and then negotiate to create the solution that unites people because they can feel secure in investing in your strategy.

Whenever a politician is abusive and just wants his or her own way, they will stoop to a Sink or Swim strategy, always invoking some dystopian future if you don’t follow his decrees.

You still tell him to go fuck his stupid self, go back to the drawing board, and come up with something else.

But the Middle Class always had unresolved sibling issues and still think there is such a thing as a pecking order.

You know, it is also in your best interest if people who disagree with you get things out of a solution, not just you, you selfish troll.

Your life requirements are not the same as everyone else’s; so deal with it.

But sink or swim is propaganda that tries to suppress opposition and censor free speech by attaching negative spin on dissenting voices, and it is still based on nothing but lies and manipulations…