Canadian Liberal Regime's Propaganda continues. Exploiting women is an age-old ruse.

The latest photo-op hoping people are morons with short memories.

Journalists are playing the propaganda right to the script, but Canada’s record on women’s rights are appalling.

Let’s ask all those First Nations women how well Canadian women’s rights are working for them.

Or all women who try to report sexual assaults.

Or get murdered by their partners or former partners.

Or the shortage of shelter spaces for battered women.

Or pay inequity.

Or job discrimination.

Oh, and human trafficking.

And forced branding.

We sometimes notice alarming things, do nothing about it, and then ignore it.

I could go on, but I have a life.

This is a smash and grab publicity stunt, hoping it serves as a misdirection, and Rahaf Alqunun has become a propaganda ploy. I wish her luck, and that she can not fall for the exploitation of her.

I know I am not buying what a corrupt regime is selling, but then again, having morals and a working brain has a lot to do with it…