Building antidotes to war games, Part Three.






Ever since I was a kid, I had some innate talent that made me look like Sherlock Holmes or Patrick Jane from the Mentalist.

I could hear strange details, and immediately riddle out what was really happening. People who were cunning old foxes could not bullshit me. Professional manipulators could not bullshit me.

My ability came on full forces in my late teens and early twenties; so much so that I had banked on being a jury psychologist. It was acute, vivid, and it became increasingly overwhelming for me, and very disheartening.

And then it sort of waned for a few years because my focus was heavily divided in my late twenties and early thirties. And then it came back with a vengeance. It went from Sherlock straight to Mycroft.

2018 marked an interesting turning point: the trick transmuted. I was too busy to really give a single flying fuck to people bullshitting. You want to lie, fine, let’s first stick a Goober label on your miserable forehead first, and be done wit it.

But then I get all of the knack was simmering on the back burner, and it shifted into something else entirely.

And it is something that I am still exploring and having to adjust the rest of my thinking with.

I have very little to say about it right now. It is not something I ever thought about, but I will.

Because I have spent my entire adult life breaking down lies as I studied perceptions, reality, and truth, I have trained myself to look at certain things, and discard others.

I would like to practice with it, experiment, modify and refine it, and do something constructive with it before I go any further. It is the reason my writing here is shifting. It’s not just the new book that’s on a different topic and requires a different skill set.

But when I do discuss it, it will not be in print form — more likely podcast or video.

We’ll see where it goes…