Building antidotes to war games, Part Four.

Cyril Burt was an interesting con man in that he was an academic whose lies had a profound effect on the UK educational system.

He decreed that intelligence was innate, and you couldn’t do anything about it; so the educational system should not even try.

He based his decrees on fake studies of all these amazing number of twins who were separated at birth, adopted out to vastly different families, and given IQ tests, and lo and behold, they had the same intelligence. And the results were always identical for each of his “studies.”

No one has ever come out and said they did these studies with Burt. No twin or their adopted parent ever said they did the study. No trace of how he came across these twins or his contacts.

Nothing one fucking thing.

But to this day, you have people pretend there is a possibility that his bullshit story is the truth.

No, it isn’t.

This is a case of out and out academic fraud that forever altered lives, labelled innocent people, stole opportunities and rigged the board.

But that is not just what happens when you blindly appeal to authority: it is what happens when you think a certain kind of person has all of the answers.

People see the gullibility and promptly take advantage of it.

I covered Burt in my first book. I read the flimsy excuses, and the over-thinking said it all.

He made shit up. The end.

And that confined the narrative and scaffolding that is still deeply entrenched in governmental and educational dogma, as well as fictional, nonfictional, and societal narrative.

And it was pure bunk. Junk science. Fake news..

Creating antidotes to war games involves understanding just how far and wide the rot in our scaffolding is.

And it’s not pretty…