Journalism is not a diffusion label of the Left. It is a manipulative entity on its own that merely hedged its bets wrong.


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Here is an example of folksy logic bullshit:

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Why is the profession doing differently that it would suddenly have to go up?

Nothing is so bad that it cannot get worse.

Especially if you are doing the same thing over and over again.

It is passive lunacy disguised as optimistic logic.

After pulling every trick in the book, journalism is still dead.

The Globe and Mail get haughty about swear words, but seem oblivious for their professions own fuckery.

But as it has regressed into its old partisan ways, trying to appease political parties, the mainstream press has tried to pretend that any criticism of their industry is some sort of propagandistic and wicked game, which is patently insane.

When you have an industry that has no standards — no empirical standards, no academic methods, no governing body, you are not a serious industry.

Surgeons are licensed. They are taught empirically. I can go on with the list of professions that have standards. Journalism is not on the list.

And it is not as if society didn’t go through partisan reporting before. It did and then regressed. Journalism never learned to quantify its notions of objectivity. It merely saw it sold more papers, and spun a yarn how it is was moral.

Journalism is not supposed to be a propaganda arm of the Left — or the Right, but you see it all the time. A former Canadian Prime Minister on the Right makes a comment about the questionable intelligence of the current leader on the Left, and suddenly, the press is spinning stories about how intelligent the current PM is.

Did you get your marching orders from the PMO — or are you sucking up hoping you get appointed a senator?

Journalism is not a diffusion label of the Left. It is supposed to see reality, not wear filters that pull them to one side of the landscape only. That’s a defect.

Journalism is not skewing Left for any other reason by hedging their bets that the Middle Class are skewing the same way. It is a manipulative game, nothing more.

And it explains why the profession collapsed: you alien people, you will lose them, and the press alienated too many people. That’s on them. That shows that they have a defective product because they have no standards.

And that’s a terrifying reality to confront in 2019 — still the Dark Ages, and still as clueless and cowardly as ever…