Know your propaganda! Part Two: Violent protests always fizzle, especially when a city of police are called in.

I have been to my share of protests and have seen press coverage of it. The reality of the protest and the coverage were never actually aligned one way or another.

You can downplay number of protesters or exaggerate them.

The gilets jaunes protests in France are a case in point. We have outlets downplaying their presence. Scattered, implying they are not really a thing.

Even as 150,000 police have been dispatched? Really?

We have media outlets not question the authority’s interpretation of his own citizens, calling them hateful.

Disparaging the people whose fate rests in your hands as hateful is unconscionable.

Those are the people you are fighting against, Monsieur Macron.


They are angry at you for fellating the rich as you spit on the poor. Va te faire enculer, vous connard.

Imagine a doctor who played the same arrogant gambit: his patients are all sick by his treatment, and he calls them hateful for getting distressed.

And the press downplaying his incompetence.

It is the reason that press reports on any kind of protest is rubbish. News was supposed to be the expose of societal problems. They were supposed to accurately and truthfully reflect the reality of it without being apologists or publicists one way or another.

What’s happening? Why? What is the root of the problem?

Calling Macron defiant against his own people who do not hold a greater position of power to him is absurd.

He has a problem. What has he done to fix it?

When protests are prolonged, there is ample opportunity to cover the event, but when it becomes spin, it becomes propaganda.

It is the reason coverage of this sort is very unreliable, and takes other methods of finding information to figure what is happening and why…