Know your propaganda! Part Three: Being a journalist means never having to say you were wrong.

The Mary Sues over at The Atlantic make excuses as to why journalism collapsed:

The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past

Why the news is going back to the 19th century

This is posted under their “Ideas” and not “Excuses” section, but here is the rundown of sophistry that explains why this profession imploded:

1. Too many players: In a world of 7.4 billion people, there are “too many players”? Funny how porn sites do not suffer from too many of them being out there. The problem is that they are all the same. They all look the same, have the same defects, the same narrative, and have the same misalignment with reality.

2. Not enough saviors: What the fuck? You need a knight to save your worthless asses? What’s wrong with being useful enough for people to subscribe? The medium is irrelevant. Stop expecting other people to save your arrogant asses.

3. No clear playbook: The first sentence here is a riot:

News organizations are experimenting with anything and everything.

No, they haven’t. It has the same structure and the same core. When you ignore the central defects that are holding you back, then you aren’t actually doing anything differently. Journalism was a profession that had cancer and took chemo and radiation off the table.

4. Patrons with varying levels of beneficence: Your sugardaddies want you to grind to their rhythm? You don’t say, motherfuckers.

You are the only profession who gave away your independence for dependence. You’re seriously fucked in your perspective. The end.

So, as usual, journalistic propaganda wants to wear a halo. One that it doesn’t deserve.

The kicker is the profession could have avoided their collapse if they were actually attune to reality….