Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Nine.

We are now at the stage of the evolution of social media where people have become disillusioned that they are not world-famous by now.

An excerpt interview in the Idler has social media declared a scam, which is not quite true.

It delivered, but made no promises. People overestimated what social media could do.

It cannot force people to think the way you do.

It cannot turn you into a wealthy, rich god or legend.

It does not make content providers rich.

It cannot ensure your business was do well, especially if people do not have money to spend.

It will not change people's political affiliation.

So the perceived over-promises thanks to the bombast and carny isn't the fault of social media, but people's desire for an easy and effortlessly. It is not the path to the Promised Land.

There is one other thing social media cannot do on its own: stop corruption.

Tony Blair's wealth from Saudi patronage all as he conveniently shills for their interests should set off alarm bells.

He was always the war mongering hawk, yet always got sterling Western press coverage while he served at UK Prime Minister regardless.

The press never bothered questioning him, and it cost people their lives.

The ideal of the Internet was all of this would be exposed, and in many cases, it has, but the apathy was never factored in.

But it is apathy created by an over-focus thanks to the misdirection of an implied over-promise that social media was going Fix Everything Forever And Always.

Everyone is so intent on making other people think just like they do, they do not see their own ideological flaws, or that not everyone's life requirements would thrive under that political regiment.

They miss anything that does not fit into their own narratives, meaning corruption either is ignored, or becomes accepted as people are immune to the never-ending rage puke.

Journalism used to be able to shine a light on scandal because there were are fewer streams of communication. These days, everyone is following that antiquated script, and it is not working anymore.

The alternative to journalism cannot rely on those same bag of tricks, nor can they hedge their bets on a single medium doing all of their work for them.

We have now relied too much on the vehicle, and nothing on the destination, the drivers, or what the messenger is bringing us...