Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Eight.

The Troll Scroll is the warehouse of ignorance from both the Right, but also the Left.


Of course you can be fiscally conservative and socially progressive.

The person above may want the government to give free money to the poor and sink it all into a black hole, but that linear, script-following narrative presented above ignore the fact that if you are fiscally conservative , you don't give out corporation welfare to the rich, either.

Why do we assume the government's place is to just throw money at a problem when we have already seen throughout history that doesn't work in the long-term?

In fact, you cannot be socially liberal if you are not fiscally conservative. If you truly believe in equality, then you believe that people are capable of making their own way in the world. There are other ways of fostering progress and equality other than spending money.

You do not put people in a box by giving them a bit of money to subsist on that they become so dependent and afraid of taking risks, that they never actually apply themselves.

Hamilton is throwing epic hissy fits that the provincial government is discontinuing the Basic Income Project; however, we see quite a few on the project labelling themselves as "activists", and we have a lawsuit -- if you can go out and be an activist, and have the means and the time to sue, you also have the time to create a job or apply for one.

You also have the time to lobby the government to pass laws for a better wage. If you have time to give media interviews, and make sad faces at the camera, you have time to do other things, such as pull yourself together and not expect some They to save you.

But we have a holding pattern where people think they are owed made-up garbage. Toronto wants to keep its bloated city council. Why? To keep a few more ninnies employed by a government as they don't do anything, not even bothering to attend meetings?

Politics is no longer politics: it is two groups of self-entitled brats throwing temper tantrums at each other, either expecting the right to hoard and rig the board to give them money, or expecting the right to live like leeches on the taxpayer dime. 

We need a radical centre. The fiscally conservatives who do not show disrespect for having to earn your keep by buying your votes, and the socially progressive who are not going to meddle in your personal life, but are not going to bail you out, either, when your shortsighted life theory proves to be as rubbish as your attitude.

Governments can do many things to be in the radical centre.

For one, they can make homelessness illegal.

They can fine local governments for every person who falls through the cracks. They do not have to arrest the homeless person, who is the victim of the crime, but they can fine cities and towns for sleepwalking.

They can also fine companies who do not pay their workers a livable wage. They can heavily tax those who rely on automation instead of using human workers.

And they can make it mandatory to have a job.

Because we have focussed on rights for far too long, making everyone feel entitled and devour whatever they think they are owed.

And that goes for the Right as much as the Left. They are both guilty of thinking some They owes them something, and they don't.

There is also something called responsibility. Every citizen has responsibilities.

You cannot expect rights if you do not give something in return. No deposit, no return.

Pierre Trudeau brought in a Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- but forgot to add Responsibilities.

It is a balance.

Journalism, just like governments, spent far too time pandering, unlike governments who bribe voters with their own, or worse,  borrowed money, journalists pander to the reigning Establishment.

That means information from the get-go has a very binary and static spin.

Then you have the middle class trying to follow the script to hide the fact they do not have the knowledge or expertise to make an informed opinion; so the run to Twitter just to vent and make up rules they hope and against hope become a sanctioned decree.

It is the reason we no longer have an informed electorate. Just brats stewing as they are blinded to both facts and reason.

Of course, this cannot last forever. Sooner or later, something people ignore explodes, and becomes unfixable.

We do not have a journalism keeping a sensible watch. We, in fact, have nothing.

In an Internet Age, we have nothing to be any sort of reliable lens on what we need to know.

And its replacement always has to be mindful that truth comes from a radical centre that weaves whatever natural pattern comes from the information given.

It won't follow the Left Script or the Right Script -- they, at most, can be only half right.

And in a world of all or none, it adds up to nothing at all...