Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Six.

Self-entitled paranoia. That's the mindset that destroyed journalism, and the signs of the collective mental meltdown are everywhere.

It is no wonder. Postmedia is threatening a lock-out of at its papers because brass want to cut benefits of the skeletal staff that remain at their papers.

But GateHouse is shutting down more papers because there simply is no audience who wants their product.

The Canadian Journalism Foundation, the side gig for broke journalists, are spewing paranoid propaganda talks because they are too dense to get it.

How hopelessly stupid is the CJF? Just read the description for the babble-fest:

Journalism matters.

Journalists and media organizations around the world are under siege from misinformation fed by social media and an antagonistic U.S. president. How should journalism and democracy respond to this dual challenge? How can journalists ensure truth overrides false information? How should they respond to public attacks and historic levels of mistrust? At the same time, many media are seeking sustainable business models and some are asking: can blockchain technology provide security for the future of journalism?

Under siege. Misinformation. The president is against them! How should they respond to "public attacks" against them?

What is the future of the dead profession of journalism?

The narrative is loaded and rig to protect their fragile egos.

If people are tuning out and calling you out for your garbage, then it is time you actually stop pretending you are without fault, and start looking why you alienated your audience base.

It is not them.

It is you.

They remind me of an abusive spouse who thrashes the other, and then becomes enraged the their mate flees, and then tells the court about the beatings, the terror, and the insults, but the abuser then claims innocence, playing the wronged victim who is being smeared -- and if the other person just came back, gave up their free will, and just took their licks, the world would be great once more.

It is a true sickness to the point of being psychopathic.

And it is time for that sickness to end.

This isn't an actual profession, it is a cult of the dead.

And the world is about life, about the births of new life and ideas.

It is also about rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation.

It is not about paranoid control freaks upset that the world wised up and dumped them.

But the world still needs to be informed with truth, honesty, humility, bravery, love, and kindness.

Not this garbage. The world deserves better than another pathetic and propagandistic j-talk...