Chuck Todd's Atlantic Fiasco: When the bad guys pretend to be heroes, their own deeds call them out.

Chuck Todd's propaganda piece in The Atlantic is something I recently discussed here, but recent events have proven his deluded diva tantrum to be just that.

Journalists have been "fighting back" with their non-stop monomania hissies ever since they told the little people to vote for Hillary Clinton and the people did what they wanted without reading the memos because those memos do not serve anyone else but a few billionaires who made their dough manipulating and exploiting people through journalists for far too long.

And it is not working. Newspaper editorials recently had their own Let's Bully the President Day about a month ago, with hundreds of paper marching lockstep with the same melodramatic meltdown...and it didn't do a thing.

But Chuck Todd isn't one to talk. The Meet the Press babbler works for NBC, which has been trying to shut down Ronan Farrow for over a year: first by killing his Harvey Weinstein exposé, but when they were exposed for shutting down Farrow's well-researched piece, they tried to shut him down again, by claiming that his work was not up to snuff.

Andy Lack's memo tried to deliver the death blow in a memo, which has now spectacularly blown up in his face, especially now that their own Megyn Kelly contradicts that entire sketchy narrative.

NBC News is a hypocritical outfit, and had they been honest and truthful, they would have owned up to it all, but no, they are arrogant know-it-alls who keep making excuses as their lies become exposed.

So when you have an oblivious call-to-arms when your own sins are there making faces behind your back, you are the bad guy who is trying to pretend that you are some sort of valiant hero who will fight back.

No, you are not just the villains, but the defeated villains; as in, it's over, fellas, and you lost the game, the battle, and the war in November 2016.

You lost because you covered up your own sins as well as the sins of your little buddies.

Game over.

With NBC News in nuclear meltdown mode, Todd's nincompoopity in the Atlantic is a hilarious tone deaf spewfest. It is a complete humiliating disaster.

You don't want to meet the press because they, quite frankly, are a repulsive bunch of trolls who think if they babble loud and long enough, people will give in.

It is a pathetic piece in a pathetic publication, all while the sucker circus continues its macabre show while the world communicates with each other without the middle man...