Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-Six.

People in the present love calling out those primitive people who believed scary war propaganda.

Rape is always a trigger concept in propaganda, after all.


It reminds the young, childless males that if the enemies rape their women, they will get pregnant and spread the enemy’s genes; so they better get incited to kill.


If you need any more examples, you are welcome to look here.

Or you can look at a modern example from the last few years.


The Western snots may pretend that’s not something that happens in the Western media.

Think again.


And the CBC is bragging it was a Canadian who did it! Yay!

Canadians can be as manipulative as everyone else! Huzzah!

That is why journalism is dead, kids.

It is the Age of Propaganda where journalists crow about being manipulative and exploitative.

As if that was something to be proud of, when it is a shameful thing to do.

Keep your propaganda out of the news.

And if you cannot, then let’s roll out the alternative where triggering is never praised or justified.

Because that is war propaganda.

The end.

And when propaganda is cheered on by journalists, you know just how worthless that profession has become…