Self-deception in an Age of Propaganda.

The shrill and irrational temper tantrums coming from the US right now is fascinating to watch. In fact, if the US were a person, it would now be juicy fodder for an E! True Hollywood Story episode.

Looking at my Facebook feeds, the amount of unfriending right now is breath-taking, and the level of hurtful and vitriolic comments coming from those who believe Brett Kavanaugh and those who don’t is shameful, with both sides morally masturbating and virtue-signalling to extremist levels.

And the kicker is not a single one of these people know Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford personally or professionally, and wouldn’t know either if they were in the same room with them.

And a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

But people do not actually want to know facts. They want to be right and superior, and win some non-existent war.

The seeds of this delusional and ill-informed hatred came from foreign influences, and it wasn’t Russia. In my book OutFoxed, I had noticed that the Fox News Network was drawing lines in the sand and pitting the Left against the Right in a very particular way, and back then I wondered if there was a darker reason for it; that is, to weaken and divide the US, and a nation divided is a nation destroyed.

Western thought is extremely shallow. People make big theories based on tiny snippets of gossip and hearsay with no factual and rational basis for it. You hedge your bets, pick a side you believe will get you the most, and then find reasons to support it as you demonize and degrade people whose life requirements are not the same as yours.

Left, Right, in the Western world, it doesn’t matter. It is a competitive patriarchal structure, and it is binary, meaning it is a bigoted thinking process by default. You may believe the content of your thoughts embraces diversity, but if you are creating political or ideological pecking orders, your structure of thought is one based on prejudice. The End.

Because Western thinking on both the Left and the Right is competitive and not cooperative in nature, there is no concept of First Among Equals, meaning First is a ranking and a prize, and not a duty or responsibility. It is based on pride, greed, fear, envy, and ego, not on quality or competence.

And should the dark side of those traits be exposed, the whole house of cards collapses because to expose that weakness reveals the brutal reality and the ugly truth.

That’s when an era becomes an Age of Propaganda.

And it is happening because you have two sides who are equally flawed, but have to pretend they are without flaw, superior, and divinely perfect in their ideology.

Trump’s presidential victory exposed the flaws and weakness of the Left. They could not shame people into voting Democrat, and now with the Kavanaugh Debacle, the Left now believe they can use various forms of propaganda to force people into voting for Democrats.

For example, this laughable piece from Newsweek is such a case:

Republicans Just Lost Women For Good

Don’t count on it.

Some of the most pro-Kavanaugh comments I have been seeing have not been coming from men — but women.

And not just American women. The National Post in Canada is quite indignant that there is “no due process” in these hearings, and the article was written by a woman.

There are plenty of women who believe Kavanaugh and do not believe Ford. There are women who come from religious and highly partisan quarters and will not be persuaded.

On the other hand, some of the most extremist pro-Ford comments I have been seeing have been from white men.

There is much sophistry, but little understanding because facts have been drowned in narrative.  People want to be proven right, and they do not actually care for the truth.

But that’s what happens when elections are modelled after war campaigns. It is binary, win or lose, and the losers are shut out and paraded as inferior, while the spoils go to those who hedged their bets on the winning side. It is a collective form of sibling rivalry, and it is always a recipe for hatred.

It is one step up to monarchy and dictatorship, but as both require an antagonistic and competitive structure, it is very easy to fall on the hamster wheel and keep running in circles.

The ideas of governance by referendum and democratic conscription are never considered because that would mean cooperation and not always angling to “win.” Democratic conscription is having a group decide what matters can be settled via referendum, and what requires entrusting a leader to guide them until that goal is met. No one is left behind or shamed because anyone can be conscripted to be the First Among Equals. There is no elitist cliques disseminating propaganda to rig results because their say has the same weight as everyone else’s, and no one’s needs are ignored.

As for your wants, that is up to you to achieve on your own. Wants is up to the individual, but needs are up to the collective.

Yes, you as an individual have rights, but as one in a collective, you also have responsibilities. There are no freeloaders, rich or poor, in the bargain.

But that is a Matriarchal structure, not Patriarchal.

There is One, but there is also the Infinite.

And that is the heart of the problem in the West right now.

It is selfish at its core because it is a competitive structure based on being The Chosen One.

Not the First Among Equals.

And when you are all about Numero Uno, you do know anyone, not your parents, children, friends, lovers, no one.

An what we have right now is a nation completely disconnected from each other.

United they stood.

Divided they are falling.

That is greatest shame of journalism: they stuck to the Patriarchal and its competitive decrees, slowly planting the seeds of discord in its people — and in its own profession.

The root of all fear begins when we are led to believe that a pecking order is a real measure of our worth.

One day, the world may grasp this truth as a collective and as individuals.

But in an Age of Propaganda, that benevolent thinking is discouraged at all costs as people are led to believe that hatred and anger is the only way to strut around your moral superiority…