Lies journalists told you: Exhibit A: Bill Cosby.

He may have been convicted, but he would have never gotten as far as he did unless the news media built a house of lies for him.


Women who willingly entered his lion’s den trusted him completely.


Who could blame them when journalists dubbed him “America’s Dad” and “America’s Favourite Father?


It wasn’t just the entertainment magazines or soft news magazines. It was the hard news outlets that shilled that deceptive propaganda for decades.


Not one ounce of skepticism in all those decades.

They gave him a free pass, but when you are covering people up close, you see and hear things.

But journalists didn’t do a thing about it.

It took a comedian’s act on YouTube to break that spell.

Remember that.

Not the New York Times or the Washington Post or even 60 Minutes.

But Hannibal Buress.

A comedian, but it was no laughing matter that it took a funny man and not the serious reporters to send the real warning signals instead of the hype…