Apple exploits dead profession. No profits for the corpse. Big shock.

Apple may make a trillion, but they are no journalism innovators. They are doing what every other Big Tech company does: exploit content providers and get rich.

Media properties, as passive and desperate as they are — signed a deal with the devil and aren’t getting rich, mostly because journalism is dead and Apple cannot reanimate a corpse. They need filler and a never-ending stream of it, and they are running out of novelty; so they are exploiting media properties who are desperate to remain blind to their ruinous fortunes, but are finding out they aren’t making money and have no say.

No surprise. The difference is the when journalism was a thing, it was the media barons exploiting journalists with lousy pay as they got rich, and not a bigger baron is sucking them dry. What goes around, comes around, there is no doubt about it…