Memo to Patrick Soon-Shiong: Social Media is not a "cancer". It is a liberator. Fake news has been a staple of journalism for years. I wrote the book on it.

LA Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong bought deadweight. Journalism is dead because it looked down on social media, and thought they were superior to the little people who finally were liberated by the shackles of tycoons owning media properties and controlling information to the public.

But now he is trying to spin things by fear-mongering about that inconvenient social media, calling it a cancer.

Nice try.

Why is it a cancer? Because you cannot dictate to the Great Unwashed what they should be thinking and how they should be thinking about it?

Arrogance, arrogance.

And he spews and babbles about “fake news” making it on social media.

Mr. Soon-Shiong, you are coming off as a sheltered man.

Propaganda and fake news has been the staple of journalism for decades, and if you would like to actually be an informed deadweight owner, let me introduce you to three exhaustingly researched books to actually educate you.

Don’t Believe It!: How lies becomes news.

OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on journalism.

When Journalism was a Thing.

There has been plenty of fake news in all sorts of mainstream outlets, and that played a big role in the success of social media. Now that it is harder to control a public, you are trying to stuff the genie back in the bottle so that you alone hold that wish-granter.

The genie will have none of it.

Because fake science made the news. Fake war stories made the news. Fake tycoons made the news.

Or have you never actually read a newspaper or watched a newscast in your limited experience?

I was a newshound, and I do my research and made a career exposing the lies that made news.

You can read all about it here.

Your narrative is laughable and completely ignorant of the reality of why journalism collapsed.

If only the little people would just agree give up their freedom to be indoctrinated to whatever the wealthy want to further their own ends, then everything would be wonderful, right?

An alternative to journalism is what is needed. Journalism died of its own sexist, racist, and classist cancer a long time ago. Too bad you didn’t get the memo then.

The past is journalism. The present is social media.

The future is F.R.E.E.D…