Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-Three.

Canada is debating ghettoizing women in the name of feminism.

The demented logic goes something like this:

Global News first reported back in June that the Liberals were considering the creation of an ambassadorship for feminism and gender equality, and saw it as a means to boost women’s involvement in peace and security around the globe.

Memo to the Liberals: women are people, too. So is it an ambassador for people and then one for women?

What kind of sick and sexist logic is that?

Bring up your ambassadorship up to code, so that we do not need that kind of degrading virtue-signalling and moral masturbation, thank you very much.

You bring equality with every position, not just one.

But government-based propaganda is nothing new. Set up a post with a snazzy and trendy title that all the middle class people are nattering about, and then point to the title whenever you are accused of not doing anything substantial as you raise taxes.

It is the Age of Propaganda, after all.

And these days, it is not just the government in the act of duplicity for amoral ends.

Journalism enabled a lot of government propaganda over the decades. The Chicago Tribune openly wondered about it with this headline:

Reporters used to bury the dark secrets of powerful men. Why it's different now.

Because social media won’t let you play that game anymore. The press came into it kicking and screaming.

They even hid their dark secrets from the public, as we are now well aware of NBC’s antics.

But there is still no transparency in that dead profession.

Once upon a time politicians and tycoons would manipulate the press with their operatives who would leak out damaging gossip about their opponents in order to rig the outcomes.

These days, as there is no journalism, only propaganda, those rich tycoons are openly paying for partisan operatives to spew.

Take a look at this article:

News Site to Investigate Big Tech, Helped by Craigslist Founder

It is not journalism. It is partisan war games of agitprop The operatives are those mislabeling themselves as “journalists”, always with the false halo of doing “public good.”

The way they covered up the sins of Great Men in the name of “public good.”

It is the same game, just mashing up the operative propagandists with journalists.

There is always a spin, never facts, let alone context or logic.

And even when something begins from wanting to know the truth, it can quickly spiral into competitiveness for ratings and exclusivity.

The alternative is not one that is co-opted and relies on a single wealthy benefactor to create a propaganda-machine to sling mud at rivals and opponents as a form of misdirection.

It is about the facts.

Liberating them from lies, spin, propaganda, and being in the hands of those who already have fooled people into thinking they have all the power, wealth, and answers…