Editor and Publisher has an article that is a rehash I wrote for them...in 1998.

There is an article in Editor and Publisher that is a blast from the past:

Are Newsrooms Doing Enough to Take Care of Their Journalists’ Mental Health and Safety?

If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. I pitched this story way back when. The angle is somewhat different, but the ground it covers is identical to mine.


It was published in 1998, and I looked at mental health problems among journalists, and what editors can do if they spot it — and I discussed the various programs many workplaces had for issues such as substance abuse, or any other warning sign that a reporter wasn’t going to be able to do the job.

The new article provides a little more self-serving “noble” spin to emphasize stresses caused by covering traumatizing events (that most reporters do not actually witness first-hand), or threats to the workplace.

When I first pitched an article like this one, it was an extremely hard sell, and it was relegated to the back page of the magazine. No one talked about journalists’ mental health. I did.

I find it interesting that it appears now in the form that it does, however…