When Journalism was a Thing, Part Ten

My latest book is a cumulation of over a quarter century of research.

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It does not play well with those in journalism, and those wannabes who still think they have a chance of breaking in and making a living at it.

It is a reality they are unable to face, and will, I am certain, make excuses without looking at the actual body of research presented in the book.

But there were thousands of sources used in this book. There was the research in the book, but to get to those sources, I had to follow various trails over the years.

Journalism is over.

I had a nice talk with someone today who was complaining about how there is no longer news on newscasts or in print -- it is all celebrities and worthless gossip, and I was asked how did this happen.

It didn't happen overnight. There is no one person you can blame. There is no outside forces responsible.

Those in the profession did it to themselves.

From the media owners who thought they were godly in power to reporters who marched lockstep to educators who never improved the product, to yes, even the j-school students who preened and fantasized instead of making demands -- they all had a hand in its demise.

Sort of like Murder on the Orient Express where everybody did it.

And I have been as exasperated as Hercule Poirot was in the that one, too.


Because we have sleepwalkers who have yet to see the problems and realize there are consequences to mass ignorance.

I bet you know more about Kim Kardashian's latest selfie than you do about the educational and professional backgrounds of every elected official who represents your riding.

If I said, "Game of Thrones", you could probably tell me the latest goings on, but could not tell me how well or poorly regulated various industries are.

What is your area's crime rate? Employment rate?

What sort of grants can you get right now to start a business without resorting to crowdsourcing? Do tattoo artists have to get a licence? How much do you know about food fraud? Or rights on the job? Do you know if foreign companies own your country's mines, wheat board, or roads? 

What is it that you know about your current and immediate reality?

If someone from another place began to ask you about the region you live in, what do you actually know?

Do you know what your local government oversees? Regional? Federal?

Do you know who Ariana Grande is dating right now?

That's the problem: we have amateur critics who have strong opinions, but no facts, let alone knowledge, skills, or experience.

When Journalism was a Thing explores how we can have an Internet, and still be completely uninformed. Journalism collapsed, and we had nothing to replace it.

Because we have some collective notion that opinion is superior to facts.

And opinion has no worth.

You need facts to draw a conclusion.

And facts have been becoming scarcer by the second...