When Journalism was a Thing, Part Eleven

The problem with journalism is that its self-perception is misaligned with reality.

They see themselves as Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading her People.


But were always more Norman Rockwell's The Gossips.


And it should not be either. People aren't sheep to be herded. The truth liberates people, but in whatever direction they want and need to go.

Nor should they be fodder to make yourself seem as if you are higher up on a fake pecking order.

None of that should even matter.

Yes, people can be jealous and petty little snipes, but that happens when the focus becomes gossip. They can also be passive self-entitled sheep looking for someone else to think for them and guide them, but that happens when the focus is dictated to them.

We never had a system that breaks the shackles, confines, and cycles that were established by a Patriarchal narrative of being The One.

Not everyone has to like you. Not everyone has to agree with you.

But they do have to respect your choices, just as you have to respect theirs.

It is what being part of a civilized society requires: both rights, and responsibilities. 

Journalism should have been the fulcrum. It should have been the balance, always reminding people of the facts, especially the ones they don't want to hear, but need to hear.

But, it is far easier to deal with narrative-free facts than the ones that make unproven assumptions based on ego or even propaganda.

Had journalism shifted gears about twenty years ago, they wouldn't be in the mess they are standing in now.

They chose to see themselves as the former painting, but are the latter. Their misaligned perceptions dictate that they look in the wrong direction, and keep firing away from the targets they need to because when you work from wrong assumptions and facts, you cannot reach a solution by default.

They never grew up or grew out of their slumber -- and it is the reason they -- and the rest of us -- are paying for it now...