Matriarchal Storytelling is literary Las Meninas

The best way to describe Matriarchal Storytelling is by visual example. In this case, Diego Velázquez's 1656 painting Las Meninas.

It is a painting that is as enigmatic as it was when it was first revealed. Where is the perspective? What is this painting all about?

It is always looked at through the lens of the Patriarchal that always seeks The One, and hence, seems incomprehensible.

But it is not a Patriarchal painting, making it a rarity. It is a Matriarchal painting.

It is all about the Infinite. There are intersecting stories within a single painting all colliding in a single moment in time. We can look at the whole, or start to look at the sum of its parts. Each part has a different story, but put together, we see how life really works: as a collection of lives coming in at one point in time, but still running parallel, even when running together.

That's the triumph of the Matriarchal, and a very good starting point of understanding it visually is this painting...