The Liberal government spends lavishly on their own ridings? You don't say, Huffington Post Canada!

As I keep saying, the ruling regimes in power always ignore the ridings who didn’t vote for them, and give the graft and the goodies on those who do.

In this case, the Federal Grits are doing it to the tune of $43 billion.

In one summer.

They used to bribe taxpayers with their own money, and now they do it with borrowed money they can never repay. The regime keeps spinning how they are playing hardball with the US on Nafta, but the truth is they are propping things up with borrowed cash to keep up appearances, with proxies’ sour grapes narrative spinning their bungling for them.

But this game is nothing new, and why ideological voting is a surefire way of wasting your vote. It has always been about pragmatism. Mind you, whenever the government pours money into something, that something merely becomes dependent on government cash, and the second it is shut off, whatever they were throwing money at collapses.

And all the signs of a recession are screaming here. There is no “wrecking” good news, as the deluded Globe and Mail insists, it is bad news that has been downplayed with various shell games: people are tapped out and now the elderly are bailing their grown children out, albeit quietly.

But there is seemingly some sort of perpetual childlike surprise when news like this hits as if this should be a shock. It’s not, unless you are historically and politically illiterate.

The problem is that this kind of electorate bribery doesn’t always work. The Ontario Liberals learned that the hard way this year. Overkill reeks of a desperate government, and that stench alone repels people — particularly those from ridings who weren’t the recipient of the reigning government’s doting.

All it takes is for one unforeseen crisis to knock a house of cards down, and the cascading catastrophe begins, but with no cohesion or deep digging, we have a dead profession not understand the greater problems their own country actually faces…