Bad logic taints a Washington Post story...yet again.

The Washington Post’s delirium continues with an article about how there is a spike in admissions to j-school, which is absolutely meaningless because there is no corresponding surge in jobs or outlets.

The pay stinks, but the student debt will be high. The job security is nonexistent, but that is not the core of the problem.

There was also a surge in students applying to j-schools after the Watergate-based movie All the President’s Men.

Those kinds of students were the wrong kind of students — the ones who got taken in by Hollywood and the glam-factor. It was the film that set the profession horribly wrong, as I have stated here before.

This breed is no better. They are not innovators. They are not the ones who can save a dead profession. You can also major in Latin and Philosophy, but that isn’t going to get you gainfully employed.

You are now attracting ideologues and propagandists-in-training who react and want to make decrees from a standpoint of hate and irrationality, and not reason and facts.

Watergate the movie planted the corrupt seed in the profession, and it should always been a documentary. It would not have been glamorous, but if you are in journalism for the glamor, you have no business being in journalism.

And if you are in a profession to tell the little people how to think and what to do, you are needed in that profession even less.

It is not a rejuvenation. It wasn’t when you had people make long-term serious life decisions based on a fictionalized movie and not based on months of research and soul-searching.


You cannot do the same thing and expect a different outcome, but if you do something worse and expect something better, your logic is nonexistent and don’t expect the world to tune in to your hatred when they prefer the stench of their own on their Facebook feeds…