The Journalist Protection Act: A farce of a bill for a nonexistent profession. You needed to be licensed and regulated first.

You cannot just decree yourself a doctor or nurse. You cannot just decide to be a lawyer, an accountant, an electrician, an insurance agent, or an engineer. You can’t even decree yourself to be a real estate agent or a hair stylist.

Licensure is extremely important. Architects need them. Psychologists need them. So do private investigators and investment bankers as well as nutritionists and teachers.

There are many others not listed.

Journalists do not have to be licensed, and throw temper tantrums whenever it is mentioned as if it was going to something horrific to free speech.

No, it’s not. You are free to shriek and screech about how mean it is to fat-shame people through the Troll Scroll all you want. If you want to morally masturbate in a public forum, by all means,  go to one of your boring little j-talks and do it. If you want to spew your “war stories” about running into celebrities, the web has many fan fiction sites for you to brag puke to your heart’s content. If you want to wallow about that big meany Doug Ford, Facebook and a meme generator is your handy answer.


But if you going to out facts in a public forum, that is a different story. You do not have freedom of speech.

You have Obligation to Objectively Inform.

Just as the doctor has the Obligation to Heal.

Until that happens, journalism is a farce and a scam.

Because if they were licensed, they would be held accountable for their lies, gullibility, hacks, and cheats, such as cribbing from press releases, and withholding information that goes against their narrative. Partisan reportage would be out. No shilling for those fanatical Lefties or Righties. You would not be allowed to spew propaganda or misuse your platform to settle vendettas.

Or whine to the world how oh so very important you are.

Which brings us to a little political time-waster called the Journalist Protection Act.

Presented in a press release!

The press love the farce, of course.

Journalists are not a different breed of human being. We already have laws for harming people. Journalists are not special to need another category.

It is not as if what they are doing is actually dangerous. Standing around at a press conference is not dangerous. Cribbing from press releases is not dangerous. Writing down what the publicist tells you do is not dangerous. Speculating about celebrities is not dangerous.

Foreign journalists get tagged, but Western ones, not so much, and usually, they are in a foreign country, making the law useless.

You don’t need a law. The law has this already covered.

What the law never bothered to do is ensure that the word journalist actually meant something real with a clearly defined guidelines and consequences for not doing the actual job.

That’s what needed to be done decades ago, but it didn’t.

And this law is unnecessary when the profession has already collapsed…