Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Sixteen.

Journalism has always been about settling childish scores with people. It has been a form of schoolyard bullying for a long time.

Vendetta is not journalism. Propaganda is not journalism.

And right now, we are in an Age of Propaganda.

But this is one of fantasy play where people are playing make pretend. They pretend to be informed. They pretend they are heroes. They pretend that they are preachers with a flock.

With both parts being uninformed and misinformed, meaning perceptions are divorced from reality.

Journalism imploded because of it because now the plebs are their own broadcasters.

But the most peculiar thing is journalists were released among the commoners, and began to use the same thinking patterns. Social media corrupted them both.

People are people, after all.

And keeping up appearances is what people living in an Age of Propaganda do best.

Take the Daily Beast, for instance with this delusional spewing how Trump made journalism schools “great again.”

Don’t lie to the little people.

Have j-schools become more empirical?


Have they found ways to boost the audience for outlets?


Are media outlets still cutting, selling, and closing.


Are j-school students do anything differently?


Are j-school students making any radical changes or making demands from their educators other than to inflate their grades?


Have those educators acknowledged the shortcomings of their educational methods and made revolutionary shifts?


Have their created any new medium?


Have they done anything other than do what they have done for decades: take the money of naive students, put them in debts, and then they cannot find a job in their chosen field after graduation?


So the Daily Beast is the Daily Deluded or the Daily Liar.

It doesn’t matter what they spew, if they are grasping at straws, they have nothing of value to report. It is all spin to tell the middle class how to think.

Not facts.

The alternative resists the urge to draw people diagrams.

This is what happen. These are the facts. How this event, person, or issue is impacting your life is dependent on where you are in your life.

It is not about self-adoration, as the Beast’s pathetic attempt at propaganda does.

It is about looking at the bottom line.

Because appearances are mirages and lies.

Reality and truth do not abide by perceptions or appearances.

What works for the rich works against the poor.

What is rigged for the elite means they are weaker than they first appear, or else, there would be no rigs.

It is about more than informing an audience, but humbling them.

You do not know everything, nor should you pretend to make yourself appear intelligent or informed.

Every day, new facts come.

It is a never-ending process, and your fairytales have confined your thinking as it exploits fear.

An alternative spells it out, and liberates thought.

Because never had we so many words flashed before us — and never was the world as devoid of information as it is now…