Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Fourteen.

The worst part of the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia is that in wasn’t exactly an in-house war, even though journalists suppressed that ugly tidbit.

There were many foreigners who jumped into those regions and slaughtered people, such as the Dutch who were slaughtering Serbs with reckless abandon in places such as Krajina.

They were not from an army or the UN, or even NATO. Just regular citizens looking to murder without consequence.

Those Dutch citizens had no business in Yugoslavia, but the idea of killing Serbs delighted them no end, but there were many other civilians from other countries who took advantage of both the war, and the PR campaign against the villainized Serbs to kill.

We would have never had ISIS be as effective or armed if the West didn’t train those Middle East civilians who went into a Yugoslavia to torture and kill civilians. Those were the same people who went back homed both trained and given arms, and then remerged years later as a terrorist group who blew up their benefactors who have never been made responsible for their actions.

Journalists never think outside of idiot that box of theirs. They never consider silent actors or what people have to gain with their narratives, and the middle class doesn’t seem to demand it, thinking it is all simple, binary, and there is an effortless and easy to solve solution that They will take care of for them.

But it is those infantilizing narratives that lure in the suckers, and when problems get worse because those fake solutions cause more harm than good, there nothing but temper tantrums, tears, and whines that life isn’t fair.

No, it isn’t. Deal with it.

As in, you have to actually deal with it.

Journalism’s alternative has to show the exceptions that destroy the false narratives and flawed theories. Confirmation biases must be exposed.

It has to be in your face, regardless of the hissy fits spewed on the Troll Scroll and Facebook.

There is no Them. There is no They.

There is only Us.

And once you begin with the story of Us, our perceptions begin to align with reality, and it is then we can begin to discover the Truth…