Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twelve.

What this about Amazon getting a patent to cage workers?

Oh, they claim they won’t use it…so why did it cross your collective minds to file for it?

As if that never happened before.


And while we are on the subject of tyrannical Big Tech, don’t you think their Terms of Service are now violating US First Amendment Rights?

Let alone privacy laws.

But it isn’t just those bullies on the playground.

We have a US soldier successfully sue Serbia because he allegedly got Post Traumatic Stress after bombing innocent civilians and children in a foreign country.

You knew what you were signing up for — you don’t like it, sue your own government.

And yes, you knew real bombing of innocents was a real possibility. They don’t train you to kill for nothing.

For all those in Belgrade who lost loved ones to that bombing, they should sue those bombers for the Post Traumatic Stress they suffered from.

The modern world — regardless if it is capitalist, socialist, or somewhere in-between — has a single problem.

They all have identical structures of power that is rigged to reward psychopaths and other tyrants and bullies.

That’s it.

It is a simple enough affair to create a structure that is durable and flexible enough to prevent destructive behaviour from corrupting the system.

After all, people are very good at creating systems that favour corruption. If you can do it one way, you can do it the other way.

It begins with how we form structures of thought in the first place.

And journalism may not form structures, but it does reinforce it. It slops on labels on people without actually bothering to see if the label matches the goods.

So, take out the rig of labels and narratives, and something remarkable happens: people are judged based on their own actions.

We can look at snap shots in time, and then see where they lead.

So you have a trillion-dollar company get a patent for caging workers.

It spin is unimportant.

Asking questions about actions illuminates. You don’t need a PR firm for a sound bite.

You just present the facts.

An alternative is one where the structure is the primary focus, and then the content.

Structures can be gamed and then rigged. Create a new structure that is flexible and takes propaganda and manipulation into its equations, the content cannot mask the reality or the truth.

The Patriarchal is always about The One, and is a form of an audience Stockholm Syndrome: if people are repeatedly exposed to the same tyrant, they begin to identify with the person.

It is the reason so many celebrities keep trying to stay in the spotlight and get all of the attention: if their image is familiar with that audience, they identify as they believe the image.

Once that spell is broken, people have a chance to think and compare — and when the attention hog comes back, it is that much harder to beguile the audience who had a chance to escape and reassess with their own thoughts and beliefs.

Prevent a Patriarchal structure, and you stem the effects of propaganda hijacking independent thought.

It is also the reason competitive people always want to be considered The One: if they hog the spotlight, they cannot be compared and contrasted to someone else — and opening new thoughts and schools of beliefs challenges their power.

We see how Toronto is in a complete meltdown mode because Doug Ford can checkmate them with the notwithstanding clause: they emerged as The One in the province, and now they do not have the power to lord over the fate of the rest of the province after they lost cabinet ministers and even a premier who were representing them with the former reigning party in power. People were just supposed to move there, and be superior to the rest of the country by default.

It was very obvious what would happen, and yet the narrative structure blindsided an entire city to the most likely outcome: even if a judge made a ruling in their favour — either an appeals court would have to overturn it — or the government would invoke the provision that gave them the right as the elected government to do bypass it all and do it anyway.

When you use labels and narratives, you become blind to the obvious: you are forever explaining away exceptions that disprove your theories. Your theories become unfalsifiable, meaning all of the warning signs blaring do not register with you.

And we are in a place in civilization where there is no more excuse for those kinds of childish games.

The alternative does not allow for wishful thinking and trying to break down people to give in.

It presents the facts — as scary as they are.

If you a happy ending, it all depends, of course, on how willing you are face the unhappy beginnings that started the mess in the first place…